Managed Services

Interested in saving your organization both time and resources – and freeing up staff to focus on your core business? Take advantage of our popular Managed Video Network Services.

How does it work?

All March Networks video surveillance systems support remote health monitoring and management over an IP network connection. With Managed Video Network Services, March Networks staff working remotely from our Network Operations Center (NOC) will proactively monitor, troubleshoot and conduct diagnostics on your organization’s entire video network to identify and resolve video network health issues before they affect performance.

The services rely on our enterprise-class software management tools to monitor the functionality of cameras, disk drives, fixed and mobile video recorders, and network connectivity on a daily basis. When an issue is detected, NOC staff will resolve it remotely or provide detailed information to your local systems integrator or field technicians, based on a well-defined escalation process.

What are my options? Choose Hosted or Remote Access

March Networks managed services can be hosted securely within our own cloud environment, which removes the need to install a complete IT infrastructure for surveillance in every location you operate.

In organizations where security policies demand all management platforms remain in-house, our Remote Access services via a virtual private network (VPN) are ideal.

What are the benefits?

  • Proactive monitoring to spot potential issues
  • Fewer services calls, thanks to remote troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Faster, more efficient service calls when technicians do need to address issues onsite
  • Remote software maintenance and updates, scheduled during off-peak hours
  • Daily reporting for service level agreement (SLA) tracking
  • Peace of mind knowing your video surveillance system is always performing optimally
  • Classroom work is an integral component of many courses and an optional complement to others.
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