Loss Prevention & Operations Audit

  • loss-preventionIncrease profits by 10 percent or more
  • Reduce loss prevention investigation times per case by as much as 75%
  • Audit stores in minutes with automated daily reports
  • Conveniently package case evidence, complete with synchronized video clips, point-of-sale transaction data and case notes

Get the most from the systems you already have in place with March Networks Searchlight for Retail. These intelligent video software applications seamlessly integrate surveillance video, security analytics and point-of-sale (POS) transaction data, allowing you to run lightning fast searches across all your store locations.

Plus they deliver daily automated reports complete with bandwidth-friendly video images that let you scan for potential issues in just minutes. See something of concern? Simply click to watch the video and review the data in detail.

Find Shrink You Didn’t Know You Had

Cut losses from fraud, theft and organized retail crime dramatically with Searchlight's Retail Transaction Investigation (RTI) software. RTI software integrates high-quality video evidence with your POS transaction data. It gives loss prevention teams a sophisticated method of identifying and investigating crimes and improving recoveries – which for many retailers can mean thousands or millions of dollars in annual savings. Combined with convenient and easy-to-use drill-down capabilities and case management, the solution helps retailers stop theft sooner and build strong case evidence for more successful resolution and prosecution.

Improve Operations and Customer Service

Use Searchlight for Retail's customized ‘watchlists’ to regularly audit store performance and identify areas where improvements are needed. Are all your stores opening on time? How clean and organized do they appear? Are marketing displays, uniforms and signage consistent across your operations? With Searchlight, you'll know in minutes without leaving the comfort of your office or spending hours conducting store-by-store video searches.

Take advantage of Searchlight's optional security analytics, such as loitering detection and queue monitoring, and you'll also receive real-time alerts to events such as long customer lineups at the register – allowing you to react immediately to improve customer service.


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